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Silo Cleaning Rental Equipment

Blast Clean Limited and Enviro-Cor Enterprises offer Silo Cleaning Rental Options that are provided through Blast Clean.

If silo cleaning technology is new to you or you do not wish to request any capital expenditure through your budget process, then the Blast Clean Rental Option provides the ideal answer. It permits you to get the job done on your time without having to purchase any equipment.

We offer silo cleaning equipment for rent on a weekly or monthly basis, payable in advance. The only other costs involved are packing and delivery costs to and from our office. 

In addition, should you decide to purchase the equipment within the first 30 days, rental charges will be credited towards the purchase.  Alternatively, should you decide to purchase the equipment within a 90 day period, then 50% of the rental charges will be credited. If the equipment is purchased after 90 days then the full rental charges will apply. If you prefer you can of course continue to rent the equipment on a monthly basis for a long as you choose without any commitment to purchase.

We will send you a rental agreement form to read, sign and email back to us.

Blast Clean Rental Benefits



When dealing with bulk solids, product flow in the production line can’t be ignored. Build-up, ratholing, bridging and plugging too often keep both the product and the profits in the bin. It takes care of flow problems quickly, minimizes down time, and keeps employees safe and on task. Results are measurable.


Cardox blasting system is a safe, effective way to clear blockages and hang-ups from a bulk materials handling line. It powerfully but gently breaks rock, concrete and other materials that have become rock-hard. Storage vessel walls are not damaged in the process. Cardox is cost-effective and safe to transport. Tubes are designed to be filled, fired, rebuilt, filled and fired again


BinDrill breaks it down into easily-handled pieces, making set-up and movement from bin to bin quick and easy. Two models fit a variety of applications. Depths of up to 150’ can be drilled, and with proper mounting, the drill can also be used from the bottom of the bin or silo.


Sonic horn is a compressed-air driven acoustic cleaner that produces low frequency, high energy sound waves. Sound waves are produced by compressed air by flexing a titanium diaphragm in the horn’s sound generator. The sonic energy de-bonds particulate over a 360˚ sweep, cleaning areas generally inaccessible with other devices. Alternative sound waves, cause dry particulate deposits to resonate and become fluidized. Once fluidized, gravity causes the material to flow freely to the discharge.